Baseline Tree Company
Fall 2009 Walk in / Home owner and Counter Sale Pricing

Baseline Tree co. is an active tree growing farm, with large machinery and trucks moving constantly amongst 50+ acres of field stock. The Equip. operators of such are not aware of walk in clientele or street type vehicles. Please park in front of our office and state your business at the front counter. We welcome Home owners as well as other Trades people to purchase trees from us on a wholesale basis, under the following conditions and terms.

A) You must present at the counter, a list of the trees in which you are interested. We are neither designers or Have a Landscape Architect on staff to assist in selection. Our website @ may be helpful prior to your arrival. A leaf or branch from a neighborhood planting may help.

B) We currently are unable to process ATM or Credit Cards, so your purchase must be made in cash. Check’s accepted with proper ID,

C) Tax must be added to your sale if the trees are not for resale. If you have a resale # for another trade other than Landscaping or Maintenance, it is not valid for tree purchase’s.

D) Although we prefer, Cash and Carry, delivery can be made only and if appropriate equipment is on site to off load. Our drivers can not cross curb line and are restricted to standing and readying the tree for off load. They do not off load, or place trees! Minimum fuel surcharge $25.

E) Trees will arrive wet and heavy. Trees must still be watered upon arrival. Trees need to be planted immediately! You should time your purchase for trees to arrive after holes are prepared to plant. Trees are given nutrient at every watering at the farm, therefore, there should be no need for fertilizing till the next season, Spring or Fall. We are not a Landscape Contractor, and do not install trees! Once the trees have left the confines and control of our farm there is:

Absolutely no Guarantee ! A guarantee is part of an install contract !
We do not install trees!

Whole Sale Price List